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The Co&xister association offers different services to allow you to better cohabit with animals, to carry out introspective work on life issues or simply to discover how interspecies coexistence works by coming to immerse yourself in this reality on site!

With HES certified training and many years of professional practice as a social educator with children, adolescents and families in difficulty, in addition to proven experience in veterinary clinics and sanctuaries, Virginia Markus supports you in the following areas, linked to animals and also linked to your work of introspection in the event of relational difficulties.

Among the services offered:


  • Cutting the hooves of pigs, sheep and goats at your home

  • Emotional support on site or remotely in the event of an animal’s end of life

  • Educational interventions in case of behavioral difficulties between an animal and you

  • Educational consultations: individual, couple or family in the event of problems related to communication, management of violence, consent, framework, limits: one-off immersion sessions with consenting animals

  • Mediation in the event of relational tensions within a management team of a sanctuary or shelter

  • Training in interspecies coexistence, creation and management of a refuge or sanctuary: tailor-made, face-to-face or online

  • Private event at the sanctuary: birthday, team building, wedding, bachelorette party, birth, graduation, etc.

  • Institutional visit: school, home, socio-educational structure, etc.

  • Volunteer at the sanctuary with full board

  • Tourist stays with accommodation, visit to the sanctuary and meals included on request


To discuss formulas and prices, please contact us directly by email:

We look forward to welcoming you and/or accompanying you soon!

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