Is it possible to do woofing/volunteering over several days, weeks or months at the Co&xister sanctuary?

The Co&xister sanctuary has operated from the beginning with a small group of people involved in the responsibilities that come with it. Indeed, unlike many existing shelters or sanctuaries, we have chosen to run the place with 2-3 people at all times, in order to guarantee the fluidity of the tasks and the observation of the animals, which sometimes take a long time to trust the humans given their background. Therefore, we do not offer the possibility of volunteering over several days or weeks, except in exceptional cases. Furthermore, we do not have the necessary infrastructure to accommodate additional people for a medium or long period of time. It is also important to know that some animals do not tolerate the presence of people they do not know on their territory. And the sanctuary's primary goal is to ensure that their basic needs are respected. It is therefore possible to come and help us by registering in advance during the monthly volunteer days and within the framework of extraordinary mandates, announced via our website or our social networks, or by offering specific services such as carpentry, landscaping, complementary therapeutic care for the animals (osteopathy, naturopathy, acupressure, etc.). For this type of services, it is possible to write to us by mail or via social networks, so that we can agree on a meeting and dates of collaboration. For the rest, i.e. basic daily maintenance, administrative tasks, order logistics, veterinary care, shopping, among others, we want to manage this alone, thus avoiding collusion and respecting the harmony of the place, so dear to everyone on site.

Can we visit the sanctuary?

A sanctuary is not a zoo. As the aim of the place is to offer a peaceful life, far from human exploitation and predominance, it is not open to spontaneous visits. However, in order not to close the door to all those who wish to discover the sanctuary and meet some of its inhabitants, we organise monthly visit days, which are announced on our website and our social networks. These visits are an immersion in the world of the animals, so we ask those present to adopt a posture of respect and humility. The animals are not at the disposal of the visitors, and will spontaneously come to meet them if they wish. If they do not wish to, there is no question of invading their space. The aim of these visits is to show the people present how coexistence can be achieved when the basic needs of each individual are respected. Consent is therefore the basis for coexistence at the sanctuary. Individual visits are also possible, if there is a specific request that involves more time for discussion. Indeed, we are happy to welcome individually and by appointment people who would like to set up a sanctuary themselves and have practical questions about how to get started, for example.

What is animal sponsorship and how do I go about it?

The sponsorship of an animal symbolises the financial and emotional commitment of a person touched by the history and personality of one of our housemates at the sanctuary. It is a one-off, monthly or annual amount paid into the association's bank account, which allows a symbolic contribution to be made to the costs associated with the food, maintenance, veterinary expenses and extraordinary costs of this particular animal. We insist on the symbolism of sponsorship because obviously, all the animals of the sanctuary are covered in all their needs, whether they are sponsored or not. Indeed, the money collected on the association's account belongs to all of them. Thus, the person who chooses to be a sponsor of a particular individual, contributes to the sustainability of the costs of the Shrine, for the one who has touched their heart, and for all the others. In return for this financial commitment, we send a "Certificate of Sponsorship" by e-mail, confirming the gesture. This certificate includes the name of the animal chosen and the name of the person who is committed to being its godmother or godfather. It thus makes the commitment concrete. Also, during the days of visits or volunteering, the godmother or godfather can obviously take some special time with the animal, if it agrees of course! As far as the amounts are concerned, they are particularly variable and unpredictable. We therefore suggest that people who wish to contribute to the costs related to an animal, pay what they think is possible and fair, in a free manner. In any case, the money donated will contribute to the maintenance of the sanctuary as a whole. The sponsorship can therefore range from 5.00 to 500.00 per month, depending on financial possibilities. It is important to specify the name of the sponsored animal in the payment (e.g. Ondée sponsorship). The bank details for the payment: Association "Coexister"
Banque Alternative Suisse - Lausanne
IBAN : CH15 0839 0035 4022 1000 4

Are the animals at the sanctuary up for adoption?

No. Because a sanctuary is not like a shelter where the goal is to take in animals and then find them a family to adopt, the individuals who arrive at the sanctuary stay. This is why our places are so limited. However, as each individual has its own personality and specific needs, it can happen (even if it remains very exceptional) that an animal expresses the need to change its place of living for reasons of its own. Only a few times have we had to find another family for an individual welcomed at the sanctuary. This may be due to a "love at first sight" encounter between an animal and a person visiting the sanctuary, to a serious disagreement between certain individuals living together which cannot be resolved despite the arrangements put in place, or if an animal expresses the need to live alone, without the permanent presence of other species around. For these extraordinary situations, we generally relay an announcement on social networks and organise meetings with potential families, to "feel" the affinities. But once again, these cases are rare and are not a rule at the sanctuary. If you are able to foster an animal in your home, there are many shelters that are looking for families for the animals that have been taken in. We will direct you to them by email if necessary. Also, if you know of an animal that is looking for a new home, we can always relay announcements on our networks if we do not have the possibility of welcoming it at the sanctuary. We also collaborate with some other sanctuaries in Switzerland, with whom we exchange information, maximising the chances of finding a family for an animal in need. You can always write to us by e-mail so that we can intervene in favour of the animal through this channel. We therefore regularly act as a "buffer" between an animal in distress and other families or shelters, without the animal having to pass through the sanctuary.

What do the animals in the sanctuary need on a regular basis?

Love ! ☺ Time, clean and suitable bedding, food that meets the specific needs of each species and individual, space and the opportunity to use their free will as much as possible. Among other things. In the recurring needs for which we are grateful to be able to count on the support of people sensitive to the missions of our association. Below is a list of things that you could bring to us by announcing yourself in advance and that will serve the daily life of the sanctuary:

  • Large quantities of vegetables and fruits every week (everything except: onions, leeks, garlic, peppers, pineapples, citrus fruits, Chinese cabbage)
  • Hay and straw: we are lucky to have regular deliveries from an organic farmer in our area. But if you suddenly have the possibility to deliver large quantities of straw and hay, please contact us to see if it is convenient for our storage capacity.
  • We buy our bedding from Landi Agro. One possibility would be to contact the company and offer us vouchers.
  • We have to make regular purchases at Maxizoo, LANDI and Vegi-Tierfüttershop. As with litter, vouchers from these companies will always be of use to the animals!
  • In the recurring purchases for the well-being of our housemates, micro-organisms from Bio Naturel - Romandie Sàrl and Diatomaceous Earth from Diatomee.ch are part of the recurring investments.

Can we help in some other way than financially?

Yes, of course. Offering your time during volunteer days, large quantities of vegetables and fruits, or specific services that you can use to contribute to the harmony of the Co&xister sanctuary are all possibilities to help the functioning of the place. Carpentry, landscaping, market gardening, carpentry work, osteopathy, Shiastsu, naturopathy, horse trimming, are all areas that are regularly used to improve the functioning of the sanctuary and the well-being of the animals. Do you wish to offer this type of service to the association? Contact us by email to discuss it! Our online shop also allows you to support us by purchasing beautiful and ethically produced items, all related to the animals of the sanctuary. There is another original way to support us: by buying vegetable cheeses sold by the brand NewRoots, partner of the association since the creation of the sanctuary, you contribute financially to our missions while treating your taste buds to an ethical product, which does not result from the exploitation of animals! In fact, 1% of the brand's monthly sales are donated to our association. So, enjoy!