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You would think there was a halo around her little angelic face. Khamti's purity is overwhelming to anyone who crosses his path. He should have been one of the lambs sacrificed as part of the Easter religious celebrations. But a well-meaning family negotiated his fate with the breeder. Thus, he, Alydhan and Miana were able to escape this fate and land at Co&xister. Khamti was from the beginning the most curious of the contact with us, and quickly understood the happiness that could be given by affection and tenderness given by human hands whose only intentions are those of benevolence and respect. His look and his affection deeply move the hearts of the people who meet him! 

Bhutsy is the very symbol of the devastation that breeding causes to sentient beings. Born in a typical farm, he grew up for 4 months locked up with dozens of other pigs, breathing in a foul smell. Fate would have it that he did not go to slaughter, as he was considered "too thin" by his breeder, and therefore not profitable enough. From now on, he discovers the happiness of a bed of fresh straw, a natural soil, the sun's rays on his skin, the freedom of wide open spaces and the respectful coexistence between species. Gentle and playful, he gives us an impressive amount of trust, as he has only ever known human hands to throw him food. Adopted by the sanctuary's family of pigs, he has become a brother like any other (within a hundred kilos!).


Ayla was considered a breeding machine in her early years. Forced to give birth to pups that were systematically stolen from her to fatten up for slaughter, she was also locked in a tiny hutch with no real opportunity to stretch her legs. She arrived at the Co&xister sanctuary after escaping the slaughter and was reunited with some of her babies: Gaïa, Mishu, Luther and Estia. Fearful at first, she soon realised that no one would be stolen from her and that she herself would have the right to live a life without exploitation or confinement. She discovered the balance of her ears and legs, so that she could now jump, run, and enjoy a life free of any form of domination! Gentle and loving, she takes care of her babies with unparalleled kindness. She has also developed a curiosity and affection for us humans, for which we are particularly grateful!


Eowyn, a little angel with the body of a disabled sow, is a real ray of sunshine. She smiles with sincerity and has kept a childlike soul. In spite of her partially paralysed rear end following a blow she received as a child, she moves with enthusiasm and is full of joie de vivre. Neglected for a long time, she needed regular care to keep her mobility up. But her handicap does not hold her back so much, and she enjoys gambolling around at her own pace!


She had been presented to us as an introverted goat, who shunned contact and was particularly fearful. In fact, Bagdad just didn't want to be exploited for her milk and her kids. Once she realised that at the sanctuary we would never ask her for anything, and more importantly, that we would never steal anything from her, she became playful, very affectionate, trusting and curious. She has even become one of the most sociable in the sanctuary, running to humans for cuddles!

After 8 years of milking, whelping and losing her pups, Alaska was supposed to end up with her throat slit at the slaughterhouse. She is now one of the rays of sunshine at the Co&xister sanctuary. Alaska is gentle and affectionate, but she also knows how to play the role of leader of her clan with brio. She knows how to command respect! Apart from that, she loves those who are ready to receive this tenderness. She has so much more to live for and to offer than her milk and goats. In short, Alaska is a messenger. Messages of unconditional love and trust.


Madame narrowly escaped the pan. Being rather introverted, she was constantly being climbed on by the rooster that lived in her previous family. She therefore arrived very plucked and fearful. She gained confidence every day and integrated herself very well into the hen family. Her special feature? She loves to bite her chicken friends and Wakan the turkey's buttocks...! But when they get tired of it, she understands that she has to stop.


Elyan was born without eyes in the streets of Qatar and is therefore completely blind. Exemplary, he radiates a real serenity in his daily life. Affectionate, curious and joyful, Elyan is a real ray of sunshine who knows how to bring us back to the present moment, to slowness and tenderness when he feels that we are too scattered. It is not for nothing that he is called "the little Buddha" of the sanctuary! 


Hina was called "Blanquette" when she was brought to the SPA Geneva, after having escaped from the pot and having lived alone for some time in a family who chose to separate from her. Her gentleness and sensitivity overwhelmed us as soon as she arrived. She arrived very plucked, but now has a wonderful plumage and greater self-confidence! As a matter of fact, Hina escaped two raptor attacks thanks to the solidarity of the pigs who helped her, and of us. She is therefore a perfect example of the benefits of inter-species coexistence ☺ 

Artemis is one of 24 hens that survived from a Micarna farm. Her maternal instinct leads her to hatch every egg she lays and finds. Her gentleness makes her light, sociable and kindly affectionate. After tearing a ligament at a joint following a bad fall, she was back on her feet with impressive resilience.


Petit Jean is one of our pig babies, who arrived at the side of his parents and brothers after barely escaping the butcher shop. He's cute, playful and especially smart. For example, he comes to ask for vegetables when we cut them, while leaning upright, delicately on our legs. Its particularity is that it is a peacemaker of relations between pigs. When a new congener arrives, he will regularly give him kisses and encourage him to join the family!


Found on the streets of Qatar with her four puppies, Meli has become a protective and determined matriarch. Underneath her sweetness and affection, she can be reactive at times, conditioned by her defence mechanisms developed on the streets. When she is fully trusted, she is a real ball of love. In short, Meli is the guardian of the place, ready to do anything to defend her family, all species included. Her keen intelligence makes her a formidable ally for all the inhabitants of the sanctuary! 


Neira, a street kitten from Qatar, was found weakened by chronic bronchitis at the age of 4 weeks. But this mild symptom did not prevent her from developing an unconditional affection for humans and other animals, whom she cherishes with all her heart. Playful, gentle and cuddly, she is a faithful friend to all her companions. Neira, in other words, loves everyone. Literally. And whoever crosses her path quickly falls in love with her too!

Gerard, the sanctuary's daddy pig, is an unlikely character. As grumpy as he is playful, as affectionate as he is temperamental, he makes us laugh daily. While he was very suspicious when he arrived, he has become our great friend. He should have ended up as a sausage, but now he gallops happily around the sanctuary grounds. What makes him special? He knows how to respect his private space, and charges strangers to his family without hesitation if they get too close to his nest. Beware if you don't respect him because Gerard is particularly vindictive! His clannish nature makes him a unique and endearing character.


Also a Micarna rescue, Detère is a lovely chick who likes to hang out in the evening before going to bed. Determined and curious, she is amazing company! She is a loyal friend to her fellow chickens and especially enjoys the company of pigs, rabbits and humans. Her happy cooing always touches our hearts when she comes to lie down next to us.


Loona is a beautiful mare, who has been used for a long time in a riding school. She is tender, playful and very expressive. She loves to ask us for cuddles, which she sometimes gives back a little brutally, without wanting to :) Her joints and hooves are fragile and need regular care, in addition to her overweight. But now, she lives happily and freely at the sanctuary, which she seems to enjoy, especially with her great love, Tawaki. Loona stands out because she is particularly easy-going, fearless and has no form of aggression in her. The bulimic behaviour that she adopts without wanting it makes the management of food sometimes delicate, but we adapt ourselves as well as possible and every day, to her deep needs.

01 Janvier.jpeg

Son of Meli and a little clown at heart, Lonso arrived polytraumatized after having spent 2 years in a cage with his brothers. Heavily mistreated, he has kept his flight and fear reflexes when confronted with humans he doesn't know well, or noises he can't identify. When he has succeeded in trusting, he becomes a ball of affection and joy of life. Initially withdrawn and anxious, he has blossomed since his arrival, despite the fact that he has become blind in the meantime and has even lost an eye. Indeed, a car accident that almost cost him his life, resulted in the development of particularly painful glaucoma. With one eye and his eyesight gone, he is paradoxically much calmer and more confident. His blindness has not slowed him down in his mobility, and he still loves running around the sanctuary grounds with his mother, Meli!  His past is full of trauma, which makes his resilience all the more admirable.

Ozzy was born on a farm where his family was held in a hutch. His brothers and sisters were sent to the butcher shop. He was lucky to meet a human being on his way who saved him from this fate by living with him in love. For financial reasons, she had to part with him reluctantly. He landed with us for the greatest happiness of the Co&xister family. Ozzy is particularly affectionate, curious and charismatic. He seems to have a lot to bring to the human beings who will cross his path and from now on will be able to live a life of total freedom!


Tawaki was taken in by a private owner after being abused as a young dog. Particularly sensitive, he arrived with an astronomical amount of sarcoids (skin tumour), and risked ending up euthanised. This disease requires very regular care. We had a dream about him before we received the announcement of his adoption, and when we first met him, we immediately felt that he had a place at the sanctuary. This meeting felt more like a reunion! He now reigns supreme, alongside his beautiful Loona. Because of his traumatic past, Tawaki does not trust everyone. He needs time and communication to open up. But when he does, the encounter is overwhelming and profound. 


Ondée, also known as "Maman Ondée", is a young sow who has already seen a lot. After having narrowly escaped the slaughter alongside her little family, she landed with us, several weeks pregnant. Very fearful at first, she has since offered us unconditional trust. We were able to accompany her with a lot of love and gratitude during her birth, during which she was so courageous. As a protective mother, she also knows how to scare away animals that come too close to her offspring. What makes her special? Her way of harassing us by running after us when she is in heat. A real sketch! 


Gigi is a very talkative, greedy and dominant hen, who was rescued from the Micarna fattening halls. Genetic selection has made her joints fragile and her weight a little too great, but this does not prevent her from gambolling happily around the yard. Very friendly with all the other hens, she also loves the company of humans, whom she scans with curiosity. 

Simone, matriarch of the hen clan, is approaching ten years of age. A rare exception among hens! She should have been killed when her laying rate started to slow down... She is now enjoying a serene, free and happy retirement. Independent, she likes to go about her business alone, but enjoys the company of others most of the time. Dominant, she is also very protective of her fellow dogs, and has a lot to communicate with her voice!


Samsam, son of Gérard and Ondée, was an extremely timid little pig. It took him almost 4 months to learn to trust us. With a lot of patience and gratitude, we now have a strong bond with him. Since the birth of his little brother Makha, he has learned to appreciate cuddles and now comes to us daily to ask for them. He is now one of the most affectionate residents of the sanctuary. As a loyal and protective brother, he is keen to play his part in the family. With his brothers and sisters of all species, and with us, Samsam is a love on legs, who knows how to give as well as receive! 


Wakan should have been one of the famous "Christmas turkeys", proudly decorated on a festive table. He was lucky to escape this fate. While he could not even stand on his feet due to his overweight and fragile joints, he now runs around the sanctuary without embarrassment. Communicative, curious and affectionate, he has healed his wounds and enjoys this new life which he has tamed with great ease. Genetics is catching up with him, causing mobility difficulties and recurrent leg problems. In fact, he is probably one of the only turkeys in Switzerland that vets have had on their operating table! Despite this, Wakan is gentle and enjoys showing off to guests, whose hearts he touches with his endearing personality!


Cilli is a 14 year old granny pig, who after living all her life with a family, risked "comfort" euthanasia. Her family had to move and did not want to take her to a new home. She came to us fearful, and through fear, could even attack and bite. It took her a few weeks to integrate with the other pigs and to trust us. She now enjoys contact with us so much that she sings with such a unique voice when she hears us approaching in the early morning. In a few months, she has gone from being a "bitter granny" to a gentle and wise grandmother. She has kept her character with her fellow creatures and with humans who do not immediately understand her limitations, but her resilience is admirable!

Miouk is a young pig who, after living in a cultural squat with his brother Maro, had to urgently find a home, at the risk of ending up euthanised. Traumatised by the violent evacuation of the squat by the police, he has kept his distance from humans ever since. Despite time and patience, Miouk wants his space to be respected, which it obviously is. He understands that nothing bad will happen to him at the sanctuary, but he prefers to stay alone with his brother Maro. Relationships with the other pigs have always been complicated too. For the well-being of everyone, they have both been living alone on a part of the grounds for several months. To their great happiness. So, coexistence is also and above all knowing how to respect the needs and limits of each other, and adapting to them! 


Maro, Miouk's brother, also escaped euthanasia, following the violent evacuation of the cultural squat in which he was living alongside other animals and humans. He is reckless, curious, very greedy, and has a sharp mind. As a loyal and protective brother, he lives with Miouk. Together they live a life of serenity and freedom that they so badly needed. Initially just as distant and fearful of humans as his brother, he has suddenly developed a disturbing trust and tenderness towards us. Nearly a year after his arrival, he came to us for cuddles. Since then, he has been asking for more! Time, freedom to be who he is without constraint and trust allowed him to come closer to us when he felt it was the right time for him. It was a real surprise, both for him and for us! 


Naos came into the world at the sanctuary, following a strange constellation :) He is very lively, independent, sensitive and playful. With his unique coat, he stands out from the others, which he particularly likes. He loves to play with his big brothers and to be scratched by us. More than that, he is totally addicted to cuddles, which he regularly begs for. But as well as being a real little star in the Co&xister family, he is particularly gentle and loving with rabbits and cats, which he cares for so gently! Naos is a heart on legs for everyone.


Alcor is very sweet, cuddly and communicative. He too was born in the sanctuary of a surprising constellation. He is always wagging his tail and has an impressive joie de vivre. He was born with digestive problems and needed several weeks of daily care, but has since recovered perfectly. As an endearing little brother, he is appreciated by everyone, all species included. He is a sweet and happy little angel who shines at the sanctuary every day.

Nimoh has carried the name "Flocon" all his life. After having lived in other places before, he came to us at the age of 5 because of a tough disagreement with the other rabbits of his last family. Discreet and very independent, Nimoh has taken control of his destiny and now lives a life of complete freedom at the sanctuary. He decides his daily life with determination, and we are so happy to be able to allow him to do so! 


As a protective and loyal big brother, Angus also escaped the butchery at Yuma's side. Dignified, analytical and curious, he shows how much he is looking forward to bonding with us humans and the other animals in the sanctuary, despite his perceptible sadness at being separated from his mother and family on his arrival. A sadness that we shared. But soon Angus found a central place at the sanctuary. He is now a real ball of affection and joy. A "glue pot" who reminds us to cuddle him every time we stop!


Because his mother is exploited, Yuma could have been sent to the slaughterhouse if we hadn't offered him a different fate. Very sensitive and gentle, he relies on his brother Angus to protect and guide him. He arrived with a large ear infection in his earring and we had to remove and disinfect it quickly. Another example of the ravages of the animal-number concept. Now he has regained his status as a person and is developing his character little by little, respecting who he is. He? Actually, it's "he" to be exact. Because in addition to being unique, Yuma is a hermaphrodite!


Mishu arrived with a scratch on his eye, after spending his first weeks of life in a hutch, too quickly separated from his mother, Ayla. As a little protégé, Mishu is calm, gentle and trusting. With his sisters Estia and Gaïa and his brother Luther, he gradually discovers the joy of a reunited life, far from the confinement and fattening. His eyesight may be impaired by this injury, but his heart and ears are wide open to travel the world of Co&xister with enthusiasm!

Gaïa is the most reckless, curious and spontaneous of the family of rabbits who came to us after escaping from the butcher's shop. She is cheerful, enterprising and quick-witted. Jumping, running and basking are part of her new daily routine, far from the risks of a life in a cage farm. This little one is a ball of love, which warms the heart of anyone who crosses her path! 


Estia, sister of the rabbit family that escaped the butchery, follows in Gaia's footsteps with vivacity. Her curiosity leads her to discover the world with gusto. Her gentleness and confidence are very touching, as is her silky coat! Now, far from the cages, she enjoys this new reality of freedom, self-determination and joy.


From a shy little male, Luther is blossoming day by day, with his family, whom he was delighted to find. A playful boy, he does not hesitate to jump around as much as he can. Agile and curious, he also discovers the immense joy of being able to coexist with his sisters Gaïa and Estia, his brother Mishu and his mother Ayla, against whom he loves to snuggle. 


Luz should have been sent under the knife after spending several years as a breeding male on a small farm, but he discovered for the first time the joy of walking, running and jumping. Locked in a hutch, he had not learned to develop his mobility. But he quickly developed the tools to move around, with a touching joy! Particularly sociable, cuddly and curious, Luz discovered a life of total freedom, in which he blossomed with magnificent spontaneity. Not afraid, he goes to meet all the animals with a lot of enthusiasm!

A little ewe lamb that should have been sacrificed at Easter, Miana was able to escape this fate, to discover a gentle life at the Co&xister sanctuary alongside her brothers. She is tender, sometimes shy, but curious. Miana is gradually discovering the trust she can place in us, and is slowly approaching to ask for hugs, having only known the hand of humans in the form of restraint. Like her brothers, she had her tail cut off and suffered a forced separation from her mother. A rough start in life. We won't fix that. But we will do everything to ensure that she and her brothers live the happiest and most beautiful life possible! 


Fearful and shy on arrival, Alydhan needed time to learn to trust. Once he understood that we would never let anyone hurt him again, he came closer to us with infinite gentleness. His gaze pierced our hearts, as did his infinite tenderness. Fortunately, he did not end up on the plates of the Easter tables either. At his own pace, he also discovered that another world than the one of exploitation and domination is possible. That tenderness and benevolence are the foundations of the Co&xister sanctuary.


Myhrï, a 13 year old cat who used to live with the neighbours of the sanctuary, has been living with us for several months. She decided of her own accord to live with the rabbits and pigs, with whom she shares the straw nests! Particularly affectionate, she is literally addicted to cuddles. She loves not only all the humans she meets, but also animals of all other species. Myhrï is a heart on legs! (Except with mice...)

Monoké, a 6 year old sow, arrived at the sanctuary after a long history of neglect which led her to develop a handicap in her front legs. Never trimmed hooves and morbidly overweight forced her to adopt an elbow gait, developing painful osteoarthritis. After losing a lot of weight and having her hooves trimmed regularly since then, she has regained correct mobility. Osteopathic treatment in particular will be needed on a regular basis to support her. Despite all this, Monoké is independent but cuddly and very expressive!

Acab (All Chickens Are Beautiful!) is a hen who lived in a neighbourhood henhouse, from which she was taken out in extremis, after the majority of her fellow hens had obviously fallen victim to malice. A kind soul got her out. At the sanctuary, she is one of the independent people who live a free and determined life, without any constraints. Her strength of character even helped her miraculously to escape alone from the fangs of a fox. A real fighter!