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A part from being an author and an activist, Virginia is a licensed social worker and has worked for many years with teenagers and young adults facing difficulties. Before her career as a coordinator of social and professional integration measures, she worked in a veterinary clinic abroad, where she was able to set up an adoption system for street animals.

After having given numerous conferences on the antispeciesist theme and participated in countless associative events, she published Industrie laitière, une plaie ouverte à suturer? at Éditions l'Âge d'Homme in 2017, after a year of citizen investigation on this sector. In parallel to this book, she broadcasts hidden camera images of a slaughterhouse and farms in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, thus beginning her militant commitment on a larger scale: mediatic and public. Using civil disobedience, but also conferences, radio or television debates, she seeks to make society react for the recognition of fundamental rights to animals. In September 2018, she published a manifesto, Désobéir avec amour, by Labor et Fides. Her third book, around her life changing experiences with the animals, will be released in January 2024 by Bayard with the title "Ce que murmurent les animaux".

Since 2019, she has devoted herself full-time to the sanctuary and the association's missions, managing the entire site. In particular, she offers tailor-made training courses for people wishing to invest in an animal sanctuary project, and supports livestock professionals in their professional transition. She is regularly called upon to give talks and respond to media enquiries. At the same time, she works as an independent social worker and consultant for people experiencing difficulties cohabiting with animals they have adopted.



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