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More and more people wish to adopt so-called "production" animals and even go so far as to project the idea of creating a refuge or a sanctuary. To meet this exponential demand, I offer tailor-made training, individually or in small groups, in order to prepare and carry out such a project as well as possible. 

I also launch an online masterclass from April until June 2024 !


Topics addressed, to be adapted according to the project: 

Basic needs of animals according to their species

Routine care and emergency care

Adaptation of infrastructures and fences

Park management

Interspecies communication

Accompaniment to death

Logistics and administrative tasks

Financial management

Public communication and social networks


Event implementation

Education techniques

The courses can be run at the sanctuary itself, with food and accommodation included, over 1 to 5 days depending on the package.

For existing sanctuaries and refuges, I travel to provide training at your location (in Switzerland or Europe).

Courses can be given in French, English, Chinese (Mandarin) or Italian.

Prices are based on needs, duration and location of training.

For further information and to define your requirements, please send me an e-mail:

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