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In honour of Priya, the hen that changed lives and now shines among the stars

11.09.2019 - 28.11.2020

She arrived like a spark from heaven on September 11, 2019. Her destiny, she had chosen it. Rather than the knife, she chose love. So she jumped out of the truck that was to take her to her death, to climb into a car that would take her to her heaven. Our sanctuary. Her arrival? It was love at first sight. The same as the one she gave us on November 28 at 11:13 pm, just before saying goodbye. Naively, we believed in the illusion that Priya would be immortal.

Her presence at the shrine is too bright to describe authentically. Priya was an angel to humans, whom she loved unconditionally. Because she knew that deep in their hearts there was a quiet vibration of compassion that was just waiting to burst forth. And it was this vibration that she was going to awaken, by snuggling up to them. She knew better than anyone else how to touch the hearts of others. All the others.


A great sage in the body of a tiny chick with disabled legs and a multicolored aura. Priya was a shaman who knew how to take care of her fellow shamans when they were sick. With her small, confident walk, though hampered by her disability, she would walk up to the suffering individual and lie down beside him or her to infuse healing energy and affection. We could talk for hours about the way she walked from her chicken coop to our house, to have the door opened for her. How he responds to her name with that special little song. Of his unconditional affection. How many people who didn't know about chickens were overwhelmed by their encounter with Priya?

She has contributed like no other to the mission that is so important to our association: to implement inter-species equality, to touch people's sensitivity and to prove that cohabitation is possible. Little Princess Priya leaves behind memories of a love that cannot be described. Without her, one color of our rainbow is missing. But her soul will always shine everywhere, in every bit of life that surrounds us. She is there, everywhere in our hearts.


Priya's body chose to fade away in the warmth of our arms and the softness of our caresses. What did she seem to need in those last moments? The certainty that we would remain in love. Always. So we promised her and said goodbye with all the love in the world, captivated by her little eyes that stared at us with overwhelming tenderness, until the last of her breaths.

When we needed a hand, we found your little paw, clutching tenderly at our fingers. But now we let the Earth take over your body. She will make beautiful flowers out of it. And we let the Universe scatter your soul wherever love is missing. Because our world needs Priyas everywhere. So that she can shine as much as possible, to compensate, if only a little, for the darkness of the numb hearts that sadly populate the planet and that insist on slitting the throats of all the Priyas in the world for fear of hearing their message.

Goodbye, little darling. ❤️


Livre 'Priya, la poule qui soignait les autres'

CHF 18.00

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