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Interespecies coexistence in practice

The association Co&xister, created in 2018 and recognized as being of public utility, has the mission to accompany humans and animals in learning to live together in a way that respects the needs of both. By moving from theory to practice, it has, to this end, created a sanctuary allowing animals that have escaped the slaughter to enjoy a peaceful retirement.


In addition, the association supports farmers in their professional reconversion when they aim to stop exploiting animals, starting a field which respects both the animals and the environment.


In this sense, the association demonstrates that interspecies coexistence is not only possible, it is even necessary and beneficial for all living beings on our Earth!​

Photo par Maxime Sallin
Photo par Maxime Sallin
Photo par Maxime Sallin
Photo par William Tan
Photo par William Tan
Photo par Carlo Da Rosa


Contribute to coexistence

Make a donation, become a foster or adoption family, offer your services in animal therapy, participate in the sale of our items in your store/restaurant, offer pet food vouchers, sponsor an animal, all those possibilities to contribute to our mission !

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at

Take in an animal that has escaped abuse or slaughter, in the short or long term


Provide financial support for the care and feeding of a saved animal whose story particularly affects you

Get to know them here !

Offer your animal-specific care services

(osteopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture,...) 

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Help us cover the monthly maintenance costs of the rescued animals and implement our mission
by a donation or a bequest :

Association Coexister

Route des Plans 52

1880 Frenières-sur-Bex


Banque Alternative Suisse - Lausanne
IBAN: CH15 0839 0035 4022 1000 4

Clearing bancaire/IID: 8390
QR-IID : 30123

Tax-deductible donations!

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