For egalitarian interspecies bonds

The mission of Co&xister is to support humans and animals in learning to live together in a way that respects everyone's needs. Its aim is to implement the antispeciesist and ecological values advocated by militant movements, in the idea of a convergence of social struggles.

A common ambition

With a common objective of showing in a concrete way how humans and animals can coexist together, after leaving the relationship of domination and exploitation on which their historical relationship was based, Virginia Markus and Pierrick Destraz decided to take action by creating the association Co&xister. 

This shows that interspecies coexistence is not only possible, it is even necessary and life-saving regarding to the current ethical and ecological emergencies.


Contribute to coexistence

Become a foster or adoption family, offer your services in animal therapy, participate in the sale of our items in your store/restaurant, offer us pet food vouchers, sponsor an animal, all those possibilities to contribute to our mission !

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at

Take in an animal that has escaped abuse or slaughter, in the short or long term

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Provide financial support for the care and feeding of a saved animal whose story particularly affects you

Get to know them here !

Offer your animal-specific care services (osteopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture,...) as do several of our partners

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Help us cover the monthly maintenance costs of the rescued animals and implement our mission

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"With regard to the animal question, yes, science has given us a great lesson in humility by showing us, for example, that animals have a conscience. There was even a solemn declaration by biologists and cognitive neuroscientists at a conference in Cambridge in 2012, expressing this very clearly. But was it not until the 2000s and the advances in neuroscience and medical imaging that this conclusion was reached? Thirty seconds alone with a dog or rat is enough to understand it."

Aurélien Barrau


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